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Healing Herbs Immuno Start Immune Booster Syrup

A strong immune system is a key to evade sicknesses such as common cold/flu/allergies (food/dust/pollen) and digestive issues which are caused due to pathogens like viruses & bacteria. If your child is getting sick quite often, it could be a sign that his/her immune system is not strong enough to fight these harmful microorganisms.

Healing Herbs Immuno Start Immune Booster Syrup, scientifically formulated with European Elderberry is a safe & effective supplement for daily immune support as well as treating the signs of cold & flu such as sneezing, sore throat, nasal congestion, and inflammation.

It is the best immune booster syrup available in Sri Lanka with clinically proven European Black Elderberry to strengthen & improve the child’s immune system.

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Importance of Immunity:

Children are naturally more prone to infection and will need an extra boost for their immune system. Immunity has become more important with the outbreak of periodic infectious diseases. The infections in upper respiratory tract can become distressing for the child and create difficulty in breathing. The protective benefits of Immuno Start Immune Booster Syrup will maintain the child’s immune health.

Prevention from diseases is always better than cure.

Health Benefits of Elderberry :

European Elderberry, (Sambucus nigra) is a plant native to Europe & North America which has been used for its ability to improve immunity over centuries and has been backed by numerous clinical trials for more than 15 years for its effectiveness for the natural support of the immune system.

The multiple types of antioxidants in elderberry helps to protect cells from free radical damage, provide anti-viral protection and enhance cytokine levels which help to attain a strong immune system.

How Immuno Start Strengthens & Improves the Immune System?

    • Reduces the Intensity of Cold & Flu
    • Provides Antioxidant Protection
    • Supports Faster Recovery
    • Fights off Germs & Prevents Infections

Directions to use :

Healing Herbs Immuno Start Immune Booster Syrup with elderberry in Sri Lanka can be given as a daily supplement which aids in the health and wellbeing.

    • Children (2-6 years): 1.25 ml to 2.5ml twice daily
    • Children (7-12 years):5ml twice daily
    • Adults: 15ml twice daily

The moment signs of cold/flu appear, Healing Herbs Immuno Start Immune Booster Syrup can be given to speed up recovery from cold and flu or to improve general immunity.

    • Children (2-6 years): 1.25 ml to 2.5ml three times per day
    • Children (7-12 years): 5ml three times per day
    • Adults: 15ml three times per day


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