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Healing Herbs Immuno Plus Immune Booster Syrup

A healthy immune system fights with many pathogens to keep us protected from infectious diseases. Healing Herbs Immuno Plus is scientifically formulated with European Elderberry, Indian Gooseberry and Tinospora supplements with immune enhancing properties that supports your immune system. These three immune boosting herbs work synergistically to strengthen and improve the immune system and support fast recovery.

The product is packed with natural antioxidants which fight against the damage caused by free radicals. The medicinal ingredients used in Healing Herb Immuno Plus will exert the therapeutic effect by inducing immune functions and to restore usual immune response to diseases.

Healing Herbs Immuno Plus provides a powerful daily immune support for the entire family with its unique formulation fortified with immunity enhancing herbs that includes antioxidant, antibacterial and anti-viral properties to strengthen immune system and maintain the level of energy within the body.

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Directions to use:

    • Children (2-6 years): 1.25 ml to 2.5ml twice daily
    • Children (7-12 years):5ml twice daily
    • Adults: 15ml twice daily


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Black Elderberry
Indian Gooseberry

Each 5 ml contains

Elderberry Extract– 50mg (Equivalent to 3200 mg of elderberry fruit)
Tinospora Extract– 25 mg (Equivalent to 375 mg of Tinospora stem)
Indian Gooseberry Extract – 25mg (Equivalent to 100 mg of Indian Gooseberry fruit)

How Immuno Plus Boosts your Immunity?

European Elderberry is a plant native to Europe & North America which is traditionally known as “Nature’s medicine chest”. It has been used for its ability to improve immunity for over 2000 years and has been backed by numerous clinical trials for more than 15 years for its effectiveness for the natural support of the immune system.

Tinospora is a powerhouse of antioxidants that fight free radicals, keep your cells healthy, and boost your immunity whilst Indian Gooseberry supports to boost the immune system and protects you from diseases such as cold & allergies while aiding fast recovery.

The unique formulation of Immuno Plus supports:

    • To protect cells from free radical damage, provide anti-viral protection and enhance cytokine levels which help to attain a strong immune system.
    • Effective treatment for influenza and inhibits the reproduction of human influenza A and B viruses.
    • Possess immune-stimulatory, antimicrobial, hepatoprotective (liver protective), and antioxidant properties.

Available at :

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