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Healing Herbs Sri Lanka - Natural Remedies Traditionally Used for Centuries & Clinically Proven by Latest Scientific Research

❏ At Healing Herbs Sri Lanka we believe that nature has provided us with the foundation we need to be our healthiest selves! Plants have been the basis for medical treatments throughout human history for over 4000 years and more than 120 distinct chemical substances derived from plants are considered as important drugs currently used across the globe. Committed to building a comprehensive all-natural product range, Healing Herbs Sri Lanka is focused on combining the very best nature has to offer with the wisdom of traditional health practices to support modern health needs and promote better health through the power of nature!

❏ Combining this ancient wisdom of herbalism with the latest innovations in modern science, all natural product range by Healing Herbs in Sri Lanka is formulated using a combination of carefully chosen, well renowned herbal extracts from mainly from European sources which are scientifically proven and traditionally used for centuries in treating numerous ailments around the world.

❏ Only the purest botanical extracts and natural ingredients sourced responsibly are used for the Healing Herbs All Natural Sri Lanka range, while our products are manufactured to adhering to the best international and local quality standards

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About Us

The Healing Herbs Sri Lanka all natural range is owned & manufactured by Astron Ltd, the leading Sri Lankan manufacturer & exporter of healthcare solutions in Pharmaceuticals, Nutritional Supplements, Nutraceuticals, Cosmeceuticals, Herbal, and Animal Healthcare.

Established in 1956, Astron Ltd is a fully Sri Lankan owned company and the first pharmaceutical manufacturing facility in the country. Well renowned for its high quality, innovative and safe product offerings as well as ethical practices, we are one of the top most respected & admired entities in the health care industry of Sri Lanka.

Developed with years of painstaking research and carefully selected, tested and scientifically proven high-quality ingredients in our own ISO certified laboratory, the Healing Herbs Sri Lanka all natural product range is manufactured adhering to international standards such as WHO - GMP, HACCP and ISO 22000 with respect to quality, consistency, and stability.

The all natural Healing Healing Sri Lanka range of products is inspired by ancient Ayurveda, and Western herbalism with herbs from around the world. Focusing on quality, much time is taken to source only the purest natural healing herbs and they are processed with great care to create potent natural formulas that are free from synthetics, GMOs and harmful chemicals!


All Natural Herbs

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Cough Syrup

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Clinically proven, safe, effective & natural relief for dry cough, phlegmy cough & common cold


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Liver Health Detox

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Supports, protects & detoxifies your liver with milk thistle, the most recommended and researched herb for liver support and has been used over 2000 years

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With Alluvia Purple Tea & GHG, clinically proven for healthy weight management 81% more polyphenols than green tea which increases energy expenditure & metabolic rate aiding for weight loss

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Beautine Advanced

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Beautine Advanced contains only nutritional ingredients. It works by delivering nourishment through the bloodstream - at the very deepest level for the dermal layer of the skin, hair follicles and nail beds.



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